2010- Chairman, MBRA Ltd (part-time, managing 66 apartments).
2009- Freelance Interaction Designer/Project Manager.
2001-2009 Senior Interaction Designer/Project Manager, IDEO London.
1998-2000 Head of MultiMedia/Software Manager, at-Bristol.
1991-1997 Assistant Producer, progressing to Producer, The MultiMedia Corporation, London.
1989-1991 Junior Designer, British Aerospace, UK. Vacation work whilst sponsored at the Royal College of Art.

1989-1991 MDes(RCA) Computer Related Design, Royal College of Art, London.
1986-1989 BA(Hons) Furniture & Related Product Design, Ravensbourne College of Art & Design.
1985-1986 Foundation Course in Art & design, Hertfordshire College of Art & Design.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important when managing any project. To achieve this, I try to ensure that projects run smoothly, with a happy team, on time and on budget. Careful planning and constant monitoring helps me keep to these objectives. An over zealous approach to saving money and efficiency throughout my life has probably also contributed to my methodology.

I’ve always loved technology, but often hated it too. I have written software in various languages since the age of 14, but do not profess to be an expert at any of them. I learn what I need to get the job done. I am well versed with the Macintosh and Windows PCs, and have a basic understanding of Linux and server technologies. I am proficient with the usual Office suite and most designer’s software packages, such as Photoshop, Illustator, Flash, Dreamweaver, and have also taught InDesign.

I am a logical thinker, and as such, my design expertise lies more with the architecture and methodology, rather than the final visual.

Outside work, I have a number of interests. I love being beside, on or in the sea. I am a fanatical windsurfer with a vast array of equipment. I am an RYA qualified windsurfing instructor, as well as an RYA qualified safety boat coxswain. I spend considerable time supporting my sailing club with fund raising, organising events, maintaining the rescue boat and managing the club website.

I have a keen interest in climbing, whether in the climbing gym or outside on real rock, and strive to push my grade each time I go.

I am passionate about cooking and growing my own fruit and vegetables, trying to improve my diet whilst also reducing costs and environmental impact.

I also have a technical side which loves DIY, property development and solving engineering problems. I also enjoy photography when time allows.


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